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Our Philosophy

At Multi Oral we believe that the key to providing excellent dental care is to keep current with the latest trends and to exchange information with other dental professionals. That’s why our specialists regularly attend conferences, subscribe to professional dental publications and have case meetings every two weeks to discuss our patient cases and treatments.

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The Clinic

The idea of the partners Dr. Esther Klein e Dr. Carmen Mourão to open Multi Oral clinic in Ipanema, in 2001, came from their experience of working together for 20 years in the same neighborhood...

Initial Visit

Your initial visit is extremely important. In order to establish a trusting relationship we allow enough time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have...

Check-ups and Prevention

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, countless times. When it comes to ensure your oral health and the beauty of your smile, prevention is the key!...

Dental Emergencies

Did you wake up with a toothache that is bothering you? Did your child break a tooth by falling off a swing? Did you bite your tongue or lips and the bleeding doesn’t stop?...

What say about Us

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    When I arrived at Multi Oral I had a dream: Make my smile look nicer: I didn’t like the look of my teeth. I know that it was not a simple case for the team, but the result was simply AMAZING!! I am very satisfied. Multi Oral is to be congratulated for all of its wonderful and competent team. Many thanks to Esther, Carmen, Ana, Tatiana, and Rodrigo, for their technical expertise and for taking such dear care of me, to all the dental assistants, always so helpful and patient, to the girls at the reception also always so solicitous. This success is a reflection of the entire Team.

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    I have always dreamt to be a dentist and this dream has become bigger since I got to know Multi Oral clinic and Dr. Ana Carolina Marques who takes care of my teeth since 2004. These are many years consulting at Multi Oral, and I am always impressed by the care for details that go from how the patients are treated to the organization of the entire clinic. It is an environment that inspires lots of tranquility and it is this type of environment that I aspire to work in. I would like to thank Dr. Ana Carolina and all the staff for allowing me to spend a day at the clinic getting to see the every day routines of a dentist. I would also like to say that I now value even more the lovely profession of Dentistry and that I had a great experience.

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    Dr. Ana Carolina Marques, I would like say that you are the best dentist I have been to. I didn’t feel any pain as you cleaned my teeth, etc. Congratulations and lots of success to you. It was great meeting you.


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